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It is unfortunate that YouTube is a globalists controlled, leftist dominated, unfair, unequal and bias service (against conservatives). It used to be heaps of fun. But yeah, those days are over 🙁

It’s pretty much impossible to make money out of YouTube if you’re a conservative. However, there’s quite honestly no better service right now, so FreedomWorkshop does not recommend any other service.

There’s no point in trying to monetise your videos if you’re trying to voice an opinion on anything that goes against the globalist, leftist or (US) Liberal agenda, so you should work to create your own blog, your own email list, and learn how to promote and brand your business or website yourself, so that YouTube can’t dictate your income according to whether you’re bowing to their agenda or not. Simply serve unlisted videos and make money your own way. Forget about the YouTube statistics and view counts. They’re fake anyway.

Simply upload the videos, forget about monetising them and serve them on other platforms where you can control your audience derived income. ie: Create a website, blog or even a social network like FreedomWorkshop.

FreedomWorkshop considers YouTube a hostile service and is utilizing it begrudgingly and under duress (and with an attitude).

FreedomWorkshop claims no loyalty to YouTube and will drop the service at the drop of the hat, as soon as something better (and fairer) comes along.

FreedomWorkshop is looking into building a viable YouTube alternative. However, without the globalist (or special interest) money that YouTube has behind it — or the support of the globalist controlled mainstream media, it is very difficult for any person or business to create something as technologically advanced, fast and efficient as YouTube.

FreedomWorkshop is considering starting a crowdfunding campaign for this.

FreedomWorkshop on YouTube.

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