Unfaithful vs Faithful

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I want to urge you to be faithful to Jesus Christ now that you have turned your life over to him. You need to be faithful all the way until the very end. There is no use turning to Jesus and accepting his death for us, and his resurrection and salvation partaking in his baptism, if we don’t remain faithful to him and be faithful. Being faithful means you decide in your heart to dedicate every part of your heart to him, mind, and thoughts, things you do, you dedicate it to him and that is being faithful to JEsus because then you obey his commands, all his commands. Dear friends if we are not faithful to Jesus, then how can we expect any warm welcome into heaven? Being unfaithful means that you don’t give ALL parts of you to Jesus Christ, but you go after what the flesh wants to do, sin, living after the flesh. When we live after the flesh we are unfaithful to Jesus Christ. The only way to be faithful and remain faithful is to decide in your heart that you are going to give over everything to Jesus Christ, and if you can do that, and keep doing that, then you will be faithful unto the end. Being faithful means turning away from ALL areas in your heart that are wrong. Giving to Jesus all bad thoughts, all bad desires, all bad things. Being serious in EVERY area of your life for him. Not just SOME areas. We have to be faithful to Jesus daily and not be unfaithful. If we are unfaithful to Jesus but repent, he is faithful to forgive us from all sin, cleanse us from all iniquity…So let us repent of all unfaithfulness and be set apart from this world to Jesus alone.

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