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This video by Sky News host Rowan Dean is an absolute masterpiece. First of all, it’s amazing to see such truth coming out of a mainstream media outlet. But more importantly, it’s refreshing to see that truth is rising and that more people, every day, are beginning to push back against the psychopathic ruling elite and their minions.

Mr Dean pointed to the ‘Great Reset’ a “quasi-fascist version of the Green New Deal” which is supported by the IMF, the World Economic Forum, and the UN and aims to “by their own admission” use the tools of COVID suppression and adapt them to the “so-called crisis of climate change”.

“By their own admission the Great Reset aims to use all the tools of Covid suppression such as lockdowns, curfews and enforced business closures and adapt them to the so-called ‘crisis’ of climate change,” Mr Dean said.

“Remember, this isn’t me saying that we are going to switch from the COVID crisis to the climate crisis, this is them saying it, again and again and again.

“Don’t be surprised when these same petty dictators are the first to try to impose similar drastic restrictions as the only way to meet their commitments to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to net zero emissions in the name of saving the planet.

“Make no mistake, climate change is a religion, gripped by the sort of religious zealotry, self-belief, self-flagellating rituals and unblinking intolerance not seen in Christianity since the dark ages.”

“With all the major institutions now grovelling to the new cult of climate change, we are entering very dark days indeed.

“With over 80 per cent of the world’s energy still reliant upon fossil fuels, these religious zealots wish to plunge us all into some post-COVID dystopian nightmare of climate subservience.