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These Terms of Service double as a Mission Statement..

Agreement to Terms

“FreedomWorkshop” and “we” refer to: The website and service, the founder, Leonard Wass, and any staff/moderators, synonymously; ie: “We at FreedomWorkshop” work together as a team.

FreedomWorkshop is a social network, online community and hub for socially derived and shared content which conducts itself as a outlet to facilitates an avenue for the free expression of information, opinions and ideas.

FreedomWorkshop does not imply, guarantee or necessarily agree with any information or content posted on this website by its users. You must agree to these Terms of Service and our privacy policy if you wish to use, interact with or join FreedomWorkshop. You are also bound by the Terms of Service.

FreedomWorkshop is a free speech zone and service, striving to act as an outlet for people to share their point of view, ideas, inspirations, knowledge and passions, as they see and understand them to the best of their ability and intentions.

To become a member of FreedomWorkshop:

  • You may use a persona, alias or handle, however:
  • You must not pretend to be someone else or post on behalf of anyone else.
  • Profile images must not be of other people that are not you. However, you are not required to use your face in the profile picture; it just can’t be of someone that is not you.
  • If there is any legitimate question about your activity or identity, FreedomWorkshop reserves the right to request proof of ID for suspicious accounts, and may close the account (or notify authorities) if the identification is not provided.

As a member of FreedomWorkshop:


The short version: Act like adults, use common sense and be nice. FreedomWorkshop is very unsympathetic toward the perpetually offended. Also please be aware that there are minors using the community. The age requirement to join is 13 years old. We ask that you are respectful in front of them and conduct yourself as a good example.

The long version: While the terms “hate speech”, “bullying” and “slander” are often relative, depending on an individual — and what they are particularly offended (or triggered) by, FreedomWorkshop does not condone and will not allow flagrant hate, bullying, racism or caustic behaviour in general.

FreedomWorkshop is a free speech zone, but not where the speech is purposefully intended to cause harm, stress or pain to other people. (See “Sarcasm and Banter” below). Again, this “harm”, “stress” and “pain” is usually relative and subject to the ability or inability for the person to rise above establishment programming. Keeping that in mind, we should always “try to be nice”. ie: Truthful and fair.

Having said that, a lot of people in the world consider the “truth” to be hurtful, harmful and stressful. FreedomWorkshop is not sympathetic to individuals who are offended by scientific, biological, political or cultural facts and truths. ie: FreedomWorkshop is not a politically correct service, platform, community or website.

FreedomWorkshop reserves the right to delete, ban, suspend or otherwise remove the accounts of anyone not conducting themselves in accordance with these guidelines (the Terms of Service) at it is own discretion, and without refund if the Terms and Conditions have been broken.

These terms are subject to change at any time, where FreedomWorkshop feels the need to make an amendment. Members will be notified about changes via email.

Amending the Terms of Service

FreedomWorkshop is absolutely open to both criticism of the Terms of Service and suggestions to make them better. The spirit of the Terms of Service is to provide a place where TRUE REALITY is observed. Everybody on this earth has a different idea (ie: a different paradigm) of what true reality is. Indeed many people make up their own reality. So in the spirit of continual improvement, FreedomWorkshop will genuinely consider logical, well meaning and fair adjustments to the Terms of Service.┬áThe Terms of Service are always considered as: “A work in progress”.

See: Terms of Service Discussion

The original Terms of Service were written by the founder, Leonard Wass — in the spirit of good will to create a place where people can genuinely voice their opinion, no matter what it is, and still be heard. Everyone in this world has a right to their own opinion. If we lose that, we lose everything.

Eligibility and Protection of Minors

Message from the founder of FreedomWorkshop: I was going to make this website for people aged 18 and over, but there are a lot of very bright kids in the world, that are mature beyond their years, that really do need to be involved, included and informed about matters of truth, freedom and liberty.

These young people will be looking after US one day; and one day very soon! For that reason, FreedomWorkshop allows registrations for minors, 13 years old and over. However, we must conduct ourselves properly in the sight of the young ones. Tragic, sad, horrible, abhorrent, scandalous, dreadful or gruesome topics should be presented with maturity and decorum in sight of minors. We need to let the young ones know the world isn’t always a wonderful place, but if you can’t word something in a way that can be understood by young minds, then you probably shouldn’t say it on FreedomWorkshop. ie: We adults have a way of saying things that those of us who are mature enough and mentally capable to understand – will understand. Let’s keep it clean. – Leonard Wass

  • FreedomWorkshop is open to everyone 13 years old and over.
  • It is against the Terms of Service to use a fake age.
  • FreedomWorkshop reserves the right to request proof of ID of the guardian of anyone under 18, where no ID by the minor can be provided or legally asked for. This may be via phone calls, or even requesting scans of identification.
  • FreedomWorkshop reserves the right to contact the guardian of minors regarding any suspicious, dangerous or potentially harmful activity.
  • Suspicious accounts may be forwarded to appropriate authorities.
  • Where FreedomWorkshop suspects that a fake age is used, ID will be requested. If the ID cannot be provided, the account will be suspended until it is provided. This is for the safety of minors.

The Rules

  • Posting pictures of nudity is not permitted.
  • Strong language is not permitted. ie: The F word, the C word, etc. Let’s be professional and use decorum.
  • Self censored slang and mild naughty words are ok, just don’t be a d*ck about it. And don’t talk BS.
  • Posting grotesque videos of people or animals being harmed or abused is not permitted. Some things may be permissible, such as news reports of shootings or beatings, etc. However, blatant murder, people or animals getting hacked up, etc is definitely not permitted on the website. We ask you to get your point across or reference things in a way that doesn’t turn the FreedomWorkshop feed into a horror movie. We know the world can be bad. There are a lot of horrible people in the world. However, while these issues can certainly be acknowledged and discussed, FreedmWorkshop is not the community to be posting imagery of these things. This is a highly bannable offense.

Word Filtering

FreedomWorkshop scans each post and chat message for key words, such us swearing, adult related keywords, etc. Such posts or chat messages will simply not show up. Some words — the worst of the worst — words that indicate are obvious Terms of Service violations will trigger an instant ban on the account. These words are not advertised, so please mind what words you use on FreedomWorkshop.

Why does FreedomWorkshop filter words if it is a free speech zone? Answer: Search engine listings, good standing with search engines and other businesses, protection of minors, basic common decency, the list goes on. Please use respect and decorum when choosing the words that you post on FreedomWorkshop. The filers are used site-wide, including and especially in the chat.

English Language Only (with apologies)

Currently, FreedomWorkshop does not allow the use of any language besides English. Due to staff and moderator limitations, it is not possible for FreedomWorkshop to accurately moderate anything posted in other languages. FreedomWorkshop is definitely open to changing this in future, once more funding has been achieved. However, for now, it’s English only; with apologies from the founder, Leonard Wass. Posting content in any language besides English may result in account removal, suspension or deletion.

Freedom of Religion and Political Views

FreedomWorkshop respects the right for members to express their religious beliefs and political views. However, blatant mockery or bashing any religion is strictly against the Terms of Service. Critical questions, and friendly discussion is fine, but there’s a line when hatred and intolerance (and even outright ignorance) will not be tolerated. If trouble starts, FreedomWorkshop reserves the right to remove content, delete groups or even suspend or ban members at its sole discretion. FreedomWorkshop is a free speech zone, not a war zone — and all measures will be used to keep it that way.

Racism and Profiling

It is FreedomWorkshop’s view that we’re all one race: “The Human Race”, under God. It is against the Terms of Service to create groups or forums for only one racial type. It is also against the Terms of Service to put the name of a race in a group or forum name in hopes of attracting members of a certain racial type. Such groups and forums will be deleted, along with whoever created them. We don’t have time for racism.

Left Vs Right

The founder of FreedomWorkshop is a white, Christian, conservative male (who is very vocal on the Internet against leftist ideology). However, the right for everyone to voice the views and persuasions (including about religion) will be honoured on FreedomWorkshop. FreedomWorkshop is a true free speech zone. It has to be that way. Disagreements about views should be met with constructive criticism, intelligent responses and decorum. If a view has any worth, it should be able to stand upon inspection debate, or questioning — without resorting to ad hominem attacks, threats or rage.

Sarcasm and Banter (Thought Police Free Zone)

The ability to use sarcasm, wit, banter or satire falls under free speech. FreedomWorkshop will not infringe upon the right for people to have a “personality”, or even to joke about other people (or groups). In Australia, we call this “Taking the piss” out of someone. There are no “safe spaces” on this website. The “safe space” is: Log out and go to another website if you don’t like what’s being said here. As long as nobody is being seriously threatened, injured or harmed, FreedomWorkshop will not interfere with debates, no matter how heated — as long as the debate is being conducted within the Terms of Service. ie: Remember that this is a PG website, for use of people 13 years and older. However, blatant bullying, stalking, mob lynchings and harassment will not be tolerated. There’s a line. FreedomWorkshop with determine where that line is, taking the laws of the civilized western world into account.

Posting Links and Spam

FreedomWorkshop is not a free place to join and spam affiliate links or businesses all over the place. There is a strict policy against this kind of behaviour/activity. Affiliate marketers and business owners are more than welcome on the platform — however, please create your own group and forum, and you can post information and links about your business or offers there; providing that they are legal and above board. Any members found to be joining multiple groups in order to spam affiliate links or businesses will be suspended or even deleted. There is a zero tolerance policy for perpetual and incessant spammers.

Membership Options and Refunds

By registering with FreedomWorkshop, you agree to the information, benefits and explanations about membership outlined on the Membership Options page.

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