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Freedomworkshop’s social network aspect has moved over to Minds

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Other Groups

FreedomWorkshop used to host groups for PromoterHost, as well as my personal websites. However, due to the FreedomWorkshop social network being discontinued, those groups have now been recreated on the Minds Social Network. Please register on Minds to participate on these groups. – Leonard Wass

PromoterHost Groups

God’s Glory
Real News
Alex Jones Videos
Online Shopping
Online Jobs
Lifestyle & Self Improvement
Awesome Future (Sci & Tech)
Car Scene
Crypto Scene
Bodybuilding Meals
Health and Nutrition
How To
Viral Videos
Music Bands & Artists
Celebrity Buzz
Fight Scene
Signs and Wonders
Conspiracy Archive
Online Marketing

Related Website Groups

FreedomWorkshop’s Group – FreedomWorkshop’s group is dedicated to discussing and promoting freedom on the Internet, while finding ways to combat the big tech monopolies.

MrLen’s Personal Group – This is the personal Minds group of Leonard Wass, founder of FreedomWorkshop and PromoterHost.

TriOrbit Productions – TriOrbit Productions is the parents website of FreedomWorkshop, PromoterHost and Mr Len’s other websites and endeavours.

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