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  1. FreedomWorkshop is a very unique social network. Before registering, it is recommended that you get inducted.
  2. FreedomWorkshop is fighting hundreds of spam bots per week. There's a possibility the anti-spam software might mistakenly identify you as a spam bot. If this happens, it is crucial that you fill out the allow list request form properly, so that we know the request is from an actual human. Do not leave the form blank. Fill it in and we'll get back to you and follow up the registration.
  3. Facebook Login gives you partial access (ie: Just enough to make posts, status updates and replies). It is best if you fill out the form below, for full registration. You can Log in with Facebook now, if it's easier (say if you're on a phone, or just want to try FreedomWorkshop out or something), but if you want more options you'll have to set a password at a later date. It's best (and easiest in the long run) to just register properly in the first place.

If you experience problems registering, please contact FreedomWorkshop

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