PeerTube and Mastodon on FreedomWorkshop

Why did I create a PeerTube account for FreedomWorkshop?

I created an instance at — but I am not allowing anyone else to upload right now. It’s just for personal use (as I have 12 blogs).

The main reason I created the instance is that I post a lot of political stuff that makes NPC’s upset, and my blogs became a graveyard of deleted YouTube videos. Not just my videos, but the many dozens of conservative content creators I shared the videos of. I had literally thousands of articles, and HUNDREDS of them contained dead videos: “This channel has been closed” .. “This video has been removed”.. etc. I’m over it. I’m not wasting my time with that nonsense anymore.

In the future, once FreedomWorkshop’s PeerTube instance is established, I’ll likely open the door to other content creators. I am also just as excited about Mastodon and the entire Fediverse

Visit the instances: – A Twitter type microblog. – A YouTube type video streaming solution.

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