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We Believe in a Free Internet
and Freedom of Communication

Because If You Can’t Speak Freely, You’re Simply Not Free!


Our Purpose

Our goal is to inspire the people to switch to alternative social media platforms, to build personal blogs and websites and to link to and share those resources. We’ve created a link network to help this process along.



What We Do

We create online initiatives that both teach people and inspire them to build out new corners of the Internet that are not controlled or tracked by big tech. We aim to teach each member to be the first domino; the catalyst that spearheads change for many others.

Our Initiatives

  • FreedomWorkshop Link Network
  • Discussion Forums
  • Tutorials and Articles
  • Encouragement and Support
  • We Create, Adopt and Promote New Ideas


Our Recent Projects

We take on projects we love and are passionate about. See which clients we\’ve helped, boosting their digital and product capabilities.



Say Hi to Our Clients

We\’ve been honoured to create brands, devise products, and launch campaigns for many clients we now call friends. We like them, and they seem to like us back.

I choose Ultra Agency II because they have a personal approach and warm attitude towards their clients big or small. They are flexible and easy to communicate with.

Mark Stevensson

We have been working with Ultra Agency II for 10 Years. They have the rare ability to translate complex ideas into simple and elegant designs. They’ve helped define our vision.

Alice Silverstein
Product Manager