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We Believe in a Free Internet
and Freedom of Communication

Because If You Can’t Speak Freely, You’re Simply Not Free!

Our Mission

FreedomWorkshop exists to inspire people to adopt and interact with privacy focused alternative social media platforms. We encourage people to get back to building and promoting personal blogs and websites, instead to posting only to social media. We have created a link network and community to help you promote and share those resources.

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FreedomWorkshop Forums

What We Do

Our Initiatives

We create online initiatives that teach and inspire people to build out new corners of the Internet that are not centrally controlled or tracked. We aim to teach each member to be the first domino — the catalyst that spearheads change for many others.

  • FreedomWorkshop Link Network
  • Discussion Forums
  • Tutorials and Articles
  • Encouragement and Support
  • We Create, Adopt and Promote New Ideas For Spreading Truth, Online

Income Generation

We’re Fans of Crypto

As a member of FreedomWorkshop, you’ll gain access to our link network, as well as our social media link sharing page. Within the FreedomWorkshop members area, there are also numerous income initiatives and programs that can help you with financial freedom.

True freedom can only come with financial freedom. That’s why FreedomWorkshop also encourages members to learn how to set up cryptocurrency crowdfunding, as well as functionality to promote and profit from various affiliate programs.

  • Earn Income with Affiliate Links
  • Learn to Build a Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding Page
  • Bonus Alternative Network Share page
Financial Freedom
FreedomWorkshop Forums


Our Biggest Asset

FreedomWorkshop members understand that true power and freedom comes from individuals taking responsibility and being accountable for their own affairs. When a COMMUNITY of people live by that philosophy, great legacies can be built.

  • We encourage thought and freedom of expression.
  • Our actions define who were are. Not words alone.
  • We understand that discernment is a greater tool and more dependable than 3rd party “fact checking”.
  • We stand in solidarity with truth, and we’re willing to persevere.

FreedomWorkshop Favourites

Digital Marketing

We’re here to teach you!

Whether you just want to know how to better promote your alternative social media profiles, your blog or videos — or whether you want to roll your sleeves up and generate a full time income online, FreedomWorkshop is here to help.

It’s all well and good to post some content online, promoting what we believe to be true. But unless we really know at least the basic principals of digital marketing, that content can very easily wind up being posted into the never never — never to be seen by anyone. FreedomWorkshop is here to point you in the right direction with your digital Marketing efforts.

  • Learn how to make the most of alternative social media
  • Learn the basic principals of digital marketing
  • Learn how to promote messages of freedom and truth, without having it censored or deleted
Digital Marketing
Profit Programs


You Are Not Our Product

Have you ever referred members to a program and that program then begins to promote all kinds of other products and services to your referral, without letting you in on the action? It’s pretty dishonest and unfair isn’t it? Well, FreedomWorkshop doesn’t operate that way.

If you have membership with any of the programs promoted within the FreedomWorkshop Members area, you can simply enter your own URL so that your FreedomWorkshop Link Network referrals can join under you wherever the program is mentioned within the members area.

  • As you promote your Link Network URL, you’re also promoting various affiliate programs that you can get paid for
  • Earn money from Fastmail, pCloud, Swiftx, Coinbase and more.
  • Joining and promoting these programs is completely optional. We just want to make sure that if you bring your friends or audience to FreedomWorkshop, you get a cut of the things we promote.


Our Recent Projects

We take on projects we love and are passionate about. See which clients we\’ve helped, boosting their digital and product capabilities.



Say Hi to Our Clients

We\’ve been honoured to create brands, devise products, and launch campaigns for many clients we now call friends. We like them, and they seem to like us back.