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We’re in Pre-Launch. You can get in for free! | Regular Price US $7 Per Month

After 1 year in development, FreedomWorkshop is about to launch..

Information Video

I need 50 people (who I’ll gift a free membership) to come and help me beta test. As a thank you, your Premium membership will be free always.

Free Membership Instructions

  1. Follow me (mrlen) on Gab; don’t forget to say hi!
  2. Join the FreedomWorkshop Group on Gab
  3. Simply fill out the form below, with the URL to your favourite alternative media platform. If you have others, you can add up to two others.

I’ll contact you through both email and Gab, as soon as your account is created. We’ll be launching very soon!

Kinds regards,

Leonard Wass, aka
Mr Len – FredomWorkshop Founder

Information Video


Fill Out This Form for Free Premium Membership

Please use your best email, because this is where I'll be contacting you about launch.
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Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. I respond to everyone personally.