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Facebook Login Free Member Paid Member VIP Member
Access to Regular Forums and Groups Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to Basic Functionality and Features Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create Groups Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create Forums Yes Yes Yes Yes
Paid Member Forums No No Yes Yes
VIP Forums (Skytower) No No No Yes
Paid Member *Videos No No Yes Yes
VIP *Videos No No No Yes
TIPS Marketing Course Modules No No Yes Yes
Social Network Creation Course No No No Yes
Profit with Referral ID No No $10 per referral $10 per referral
Product Discount No No No 20%
Pins by Founder (see below) Not really Not really Maybe Yes
Subdomain to Group No No No Yes
Can Upgrade No Yes Yes n/a
Cost Free Free $10 once $3.95 mth
Membership Options

You cannot become a VIP member unless you have already become a paid member.

The Difference Between Facebook Login and Free Membership?

If you use the Facebook button to log in, you have access to everything on the website, but you are not able to upgrade or access the paid or VIP areas of the website — EVEN if you’ve upgraded. If all you want to do is login and make posts, clicking the “Log in with Facebook” button will be fine. However, if you want more options and to gain access to your paid or VIP member benefits, you’ll need to log in properly (ie: with a username and password).

Member Benefits

Paid and VIP members have access to the paid and VIP member forums, as well as periodic tutorial videos that teach about promotion and online marketing, especially pertaining to how to create a profit from FreedomWorkshop and for the purpose of growing private online communities that give people a place to hang out, away from Internet ghettos. This is what “FreedomWorkshop” is all about”: Not to simply create a private place that isn’t run and controlled by special interests, but also to TEACH others how (and even why) to do the same.

Paid Members

Gain access to various course modules from TIPS Marketing Course on how to integrate your website with FreedomWorkshop for profit, as well as how to promote FreedomWorkshop, and make a profit. You will also have access to the paid member forums, videos and blog.

VIP Members

Take your knowledge to the next level and gain access to a video series that teaches how to set up your own membership website — a social network just like FreedomWorkshop, as well as exclusive course modules from TIPS Marketing Course. This is your one stop shop to learn how to detach yourself from thee Internet ghettos. You will also gain access to the VIP forums: The Skytower.

*Videos are periodic, depending on topic, length and difficulty level. One month one video might be released. The next month there might be half a dozen. Videos will be posted on the appropriate associated forums, groups and blog posts, where specific user levels have access.

Subdomain to Group

As a VIP member, you will also get a subdomain that redirects to your group. It will be:



Paid and VIP members receive 100% commission, via PayPal, for every referral they make to FreedomWorkshop — that upgrades. ie: If you upgrade you’ll have access to the referral URL system. When someone joins through you, you will be set as their referrer. A 365 day cookie will be set in their browser. So if they decide to upgrade at any time over the next 12 months, that money will go directly into your PayPal account the very moment they hit enter on the purchase. FreedomWorkshop does not make a profit on the $10 payments. These are 100% commission member to member payments.

The $3.95 VIP subscriptions go directly to FreedomWorkshop. FreedomWorkshop cannot run, function or grow without these subscription payments. So, once you’ve upgraded, please consider supporting FreedomWorkshop with a $3.95 per month VIP member subscription. You will gain access to all VIP member benefits also — offering great value for money. You will also get 20% discount on TriOrbit network websites, services and products.


FreedomWorkshop cannot offer refunds for paid memberships as they are member to member payments.

If you are unsatisfied with your $3.95 subscription, FreedomWorkshop is happy to provide you with a full refund, dating back to the previous 30 days. No questions asked. FreedomWorkshop will not provide refunds for payments made over 30 days ago.

Mission Statement

The Terms of Service double as a mission statement. Please familiarise yourself with them for what is expected of you to be considered a valuable community member.

Pins by FreedomWorkshop Founder

If FreedomWorkshop (ie: Leonard Wass) likes your post, video or status update, there is a possibility it could be pinned (you can find the “Pinned Topics” link in the hamburger menu). VIP members will receive most of the pins, as a thank you for supporting FreedomWorkshop. Paid members may receive a pin, but the post has to be really good; too good not to pin! It is unlikely that a free members post will be pinned — but never say never. If I REALLY like a post, I’ll pin it, regardless; it’s still possible. The general idea is: The more you support FreedomWorkshop, the more likely you’ll be promoted. Members who make a lot of referrals may also receive a greater amount of pins. Pins are made at the discretion and to the liking of the founder. ie: I promote what I personally want to see promoted and what I personally like, because I run the website — and I can. You know .. kind of like (I mean, EXACTLY like) how the YouTube “Trending” section works (tsk tsk) .. and Facebook algorithms .. oh, and the whole of Twitter 🙂

© 2018 www.freedomworkshop.com | Your Social Network

An algorithm free social network where what you post is not censored, hidden or deleted; and your personal information is not sold.

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