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  • Mork Zorgyberg posted a new activity comment 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    I believe we can write an algorithm which quantifies what makes a person evil. We can then use the data to throttle down evil posts (made by evil people) on the news feed. I’d like to discuss this with you @admin, when I get back from my congressional hearing.

  • @admin I have been thinking about some new algorithms that will help us to identify who our members friends are and where they are likely to stay over the next 7 days. This information will be useful.
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    • @mork-zorgyberg we have been through this! FreedomWorkshop will never have algorithms like this! It’s none of our business where people will be staying over the next week, the next month or for the rest of their lives! We don’t need that information! Haven’t you got a congressional hearing to be at or something?

    • My Favorite Martian….lol

    • Thankyou @ehwass. I am in the process of writing some alorithms. It won’t be long before I am the favourite martian of all your freinds. And all your friends friends. It is important for us to be connected in this world. ..very connected.

  • Mork Zorgyberg posted a new activity comment 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    Yes, @admin I do try.

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