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  • Mr Len posted an update 9 months ago

    I think I am onto something..

    ..with this 100 calorie per hour diet idea!

    The benefits are that even if you get hungry, you can at least eat something, and while I’d rather eat a large pizza with an inch of ham (which is about 3000 calories), eating something small at least takes the hunger away, so it’s not really that bad.

    Plus, I can always stretch in an hour or so more. For example. Last night I came home from working 6 hours. The only thing I ate for 6 hours is 2 cookies at work (I always do, I can’t resist, lol) .. Just call me the cookie monster.

    I had planned on coming home and eating a steak. However, I was SO tired (honestly, I was seeing double).. I decided to settle for a 100 calorie cup of chicken noodle soup. I had that and went to sleep.

    So my first day of 10 calories an hour went VERY well. I only ate 1100 calories yesterday. That’s 500 less than I had planned (I can have 1600 per day)! I just woke up and had All Bran and Apple again, which is only 230 calories. I’ll have that steak for lunch 🙂 ..but at around 10:00 I will make cucumber and tomato salad, with olives. It’s REALLY delicious and REALLY filling, believe it or not — and has hardly any calories.

    HOWEVER, because a 300g steak is 800 calories, I won’t be able to eat again for EIGHT HOURS! So I’ll have 200 more calories tonight at around 8 and then bed at 10.. I am serious about this 100 calories an hour thing. I think it’s gonna work 🙂

    Oh, and I can’t cheat by having the 800 calorie steak before bed (as once I am in bed I don’t eat for 8 hours). No! I also have a rule no eating 2 hours before bed, and even then my last meal can’t be more than 200 calories. I want to burn fat while I am sleeping 🙂

    I think this plan is really good. PLUS, getting used to eating much smaller meals, much more frequently, I never really walk around “stomach grumbling” hungry! ..and I am already adjusting to the smaller meals, so a 200 calorie meal, is actually fine and really does keep me going for 2 hours until I can eat again.

    I think I am onto something here.

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