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This document is to be known as “The FREEDOMWORKSHOP MANIFESTO”

It also doubles as a short course on the direction of the Internet and what will happen if we don’t get off the Internet ghettos (Big Tech Platforms) by creating and maintaining alternatives now.

This manifesto is a work in progress. It is DYNAMIC. It will be updated, corrected and tweaked upon feedback, which you can leave on the Manifesto Discussion Forum

FreedomWorkshop’s Manifesto (and Plan) to Push Back against Big Tech Monopolies


FreedomWorkshop aims to conduct itself as an example that we ABSOLUTELY do not need the big tech platforms to succeed, grow or prosper online.

We’ve been BRAINWASHED (quite literally) into thinking we can’t have a voice, or be able to get by without globalist controlled, big tech platforms. The truth is they need US — it’s not us that needs them. This manifesto aims to ESTABLISH/DRAW a line, and then pull everyone onto the FREE side of that line.

FreedomWorkshop is not trying to become the next big, billion member platform. It will probably never have more than 10,000 to 100,000 members — and that’s ok. FreedomWorkshop’s aim and goal is to educate people on

    2. HOW TO DO IT and
    3. WHY WE WILL BENEFIT FROM DOING IT. FreedomWorkshop aims to lead by example, offering practical methodologies, applications, strategies and solutions.

The most EFFECTIVE AND SIMPLE way to get that idea across is simply to share and promote this very manifesto.


The Plan/Procedures:

While it is very difficult to simply not use big tech platforms, because our family and friends will not lave them easily, we should maintain our existing big tech platform accounts — however, we should use those accounts to constantly direct people over to our best content, which is posted on our own blogs, forums — and on alternative non-globalist platforms.

ie: Create accountson and link to Brighteon, GAB.ai and FreedomWorkshop.

Do not use beg tech platform brand names in your titles. ie: use generic terms such as “Social Media Links” and “Search Engine Links”. Don’t ever use the actual names of big tech platforms for any reason; as if they do not exist. It is OK to use the names of privately funded platforms such as Brighteon, GAB.ai and FreedomWorkshop.

It is OK to use big tech platform services, only for the purpose of driving traffic to your own websites, blogs and businesses. However (and again), never, ever link to or promote a big tech platform. You should only promote your website and links ON and FROM them.

Be Smart

Do not ever post political content, religious content or anything that will upset minorities on big tech platforms. ie: We should not “trigger” the mindless BORG or their masters. You might ask: “Well what’s the point of using these platforms if we have to walk on egg-shells?”. The answer is mentioned above. We DON’T need to use these platforms, but there are many people who don’t understand the nature of the world — or the way views and opinions are being manipulated, and we can’t just leave them for dead to continue being brainwashed on the globalists run, big-tech platforms. So, we must maintain our accounts, keep our noses clean (to to speak), not trigger anyone (thus getting suspended or deleted), and maintain friendships with our family, friends and acquaintances. However, we can constantly remind them that we have our own blogs, forums and accounts on other networks — and slowly but surely get them to come over.

It’s going to take time!

I remember when Facebook was new, people took many years to get involved. First of all, people didn’t even know what it was; they didn’t understand it. However, slowly but surely people began signing up and it was those early users that convinced the rest of everyone to get an account — and the rest is history. Now, basically everyone has a Facebook account. Getting people OFF globalists platforms is going to exponentially more difficult than it was to get them on; because now people are literally addicted.


As mentioned above, when posting to big tech platform video websites, social network pages, etc, don’t post anything politically incorrect (ie: stuff that you know goes against their narrative). Do not give them any reason to ban you, or to be able to identify your political perspective. This also means you must not link directly to websites, pages or blogs that directly outline your political perspective. Instead, draw people into an email list. It is very important that you have an email list (and/or a personal web page/blog) for this reason. Once you have an email list, always funnel people into your own platforms, websites and blogs; and direct people to alternative platforms such as Brighteon, GAB.ai and FreedomWorkshop. Even if you don’t want to create a professional list, as you might not ever be contacting more than a dozen or so people, you should at least get your closest family, friends and acquaintances emails, and keep them in a contact list in your email provider. It will take time, but you really need to get the email address of all these people. Tell them you’d like to send them content from your website, blog or on other platforms that you can’t post on big tech platforms for fear of being banned or deleted.

It’s Pointless to Rely only on Big Tech Platforms

It is not advisable to put all your time and effort into big tech social media, because they take all your customers, clients and friends (THEY BIND THEM AND ENSNARE THEM out of your full control/reach) — and then begin to dictate to you what you can and can’t SAY TO THEM and what they are and are not allowed to see. You will find it VERY refreshing, once you have your OWN website/alternative platform accounts up and running, to be able to say what you like — and when you wake up the next morning — LOW AND BEHOLD, it will still there and everyone you intended to see it actually saw it. This is how he Internet should be AND REMAIN. This is the end goal of FreedomWorkshop; and underscores WJHY we need to get away from these globalist controlled big tech platforms.


  1. You can join a social network like GAB.ai or FreedomWorkshop (privately owned, non-corporate platforms are what we’re looking for).
  2. You can start your OWN social network, using software such as WordPress. FreedomWorkshop exists to show people how to do this (LEADING BY EXAMPLE). Go to FreedomWorkshop’s Webmaster Community  — and you can ask about how to create websites there.
  3. There is no third option. There’s no point using big tech social media or networks as your PRIMARY place for spreading informatioon anymore. Your only options are 1 and 2. Or, indeed both 1 and 2 — but there’s no 3 and there never ever will be a 3 again.


Why do you log into big tech social media? For most people, it’s to catch up with friends and to share your life. Some people have 3,000 “friends” in social media, but if we’re all honest with ourselves, we’re really only trying to stay in touch with a core group of people of 50 people or less. It might be up to 100 for very social people. For some people the core group is only a dozen people or so; and that’s ok.

However, what would happen if you were able to convince that core group of people to move over to another platform (such as FreedomWorkshop or even your own personal website) that is not globalist funded and leftist controlled? Absolutely NOTHING! Nothing negative anyway.

For all intents and purposes, you’d still be able to share updates, catch up, share photos, see what your friends are up to — and everything else you’ve been doing on big tech social media. However, your data will not be sold, your information will not be analysed and databased; you will never be told what you can and can’t say TO YOUR OWN FAMILY AND FRIENDS (within established legal boundaries, of course, that existed long before the Internet), and you’ll never be at risk of losing your account and everything you’ve ever said and done (ie: you’ll never be “UNPERSONED”; AND YOUR VIEWS WILL NEVER BE THROWN DOWN THE MEMORY HOLE) simply because you’ve said something “THE ESTABLISHMENT” DOESN’T QUITE LIKE. We should be FLOCKING into our own platforms and blogs for this very reason alone.

Separate Business from Politics and Personal Views

There are many horror stories of people putting all their eggs in one basket, using big tech platforms exclusively for their business; even paying a LOT of money for promotions etc, and big tech platforms simply suspended their account (for what ever reason; sometimes people are not even told the reason), and their whole lively hood has been completely destroyed.

The sad fact of the matter is that most people do not understand the dangers of handing their entire customer base over to big tech platforms. So if you’re creating a brand, doing business, trying to get search listings, etc — even in spite of (and completely contrary) this manifesto, it is currently best to use Big Tech platforms for those reasons. Mainly because if people see you don’t have such accounts, they will ignorantly perceive you as being behind or unprofessional.

However, you should NEVER mix your personal views and personal website or blogs with anything you’re posting to big tech platforms. You shouldn’t even link to such views from big tech platforms. Their algorithms will pick it up! You should let your “audience” know via your newsletter, emails, etc that you have the alternative platforms and personal websites, and give them the option to join.

As a matter of fact, it would benefit you greatly in the long term to make special deals, offers and content available ONLY on your personal websites, blogs and alternative platforms. Give people a reason to come and check out your website and alternative accounts. You should ALWAYS make sure you have complete access to your audience — so that if big tech platforms every took your account away, you will be able to pretty much shrug your shoulders and begin using your alternatives.

The Future of the Internet

Keep in mind that big tech platforms that are not globalist controlled right now, soon will be, one way or another. This will be by coercion or by force! So we MUST create and maintain alternatives now. It’s imperative.

The Internet used to be made up of millions of websites. The globalists have used their money, power and influence/ownership over corporate media to corral everyone into a handful of platforms (Internet ghettos), where we spend 90% of our time. WE NEED TO LEAVE!

We need to get back to building our own websites, blogs, platforms, contact lists, chats and forums — just like the good old days of the Internet, 15 and 20 years ago. The situation is quite literally out of control. The globalists have such a stronghold over the Internet now, they’ve move from corralling us into their Internet ghettos like cattle, to ATTACKING our very right to being “ALLOWED” to own our own platforms or even to do business to compete with them.

Extra Steps and Procedures that will Help the Cause

Upload videos on things that MATTER, like your views, opinions .. anything that might “trigger” the mindless BORG to Brighteon. Then, embed those Brighteon videos to your websites and blogs. It is OK to use YouTube, as this can be a great source of Traffic; however it is advisable to strictly never mention anything “triggering” in those videos. We don’t want to lose our access to big tech platforms — because they are useful to funnel people over to the alternative platforms. However, this needs to be done intelligently, without abrasiveness.

When using WordPress and other content management systems (and plugins), it’s OK to include the big tech social media “share” links at the bottom of articles or other content, so that whoever wants to share your content – can. However (unless our website is strictly a non-political business), we do not promote our own big tech Internet Ghetto accounts, ie: In the top bar or on our website menus — even if we do have an account. It is OK to share private/alternative platforms. We keep all of our personal views and opinions on alternative non big tech platforms, and we link to them from our personal websites and personal branding.

If you DO purchase traffic from big tech platforms (if you feel you must), make sure you’re funnelling that traffic into your private websites and email lists, not into big tech platform accounts (THAT IS REALLY, REALLY STUPID) — because they can AND DO snatch them away from you and close everything up on the grounds of “just because”. They often do not even respond to your queries asking why they have destroyed your business. Quite frankly, you’d be mad to spend your advertising money promoting big tech platform accounts and pages, instead of your own websites and blogs; absolutely mad. Especially if your content contains anything of truth or substance — because it WILL be pulled down eventually.

The biggest step we can take is to simply come to the understanding that the globalists are the enemy of humankind, and their platforms are nothing more than tools of psychological and financial imprisonment.

Please share this page; and Join FreedomWorkshop.

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