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FreedomWorkshop Link Network


FreedomWorkshop 1 Month Free Trial | Full Access with Absolutely No Risk

  • Gain full access to FreedomWorkshop for one month to fully preview what FreedomWorkshop has to offer.
  • Cancel before the month is up and you will not be charged. Absolutely risk free.
  • Even if you do cancel, you’ll still retain full functionality and use of the Link Network.

Find out What all the Fuss is About | Join the FreedomWorkshop Link Program and Community

  1. You can enter a TLD (ie: A website that you own).
  2. You can enter a social media profile (ie: a Gab, Parler or Minds profile).
  3. Please read the terms and conditions
  4. Do not enter mainstream platform profiles or affiliate links.

Your link will be manually approved and verification will be required, so use your best email during the process.



If you cancel during the first month and you will not be charged. You will still have full access to the link network, along with your social links page — however, you will not be able to post on the forums or display affiliate links on your social links page. You will still be able to display alternative platform links.

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Promoting websites that contain conservative, nationalist, patriotic or just TRUTHFUL content in general, is becoming increasingly difficult these days. The mainstream big tech platforms have taken control of pretty much the entire Internet. If you’re not being banned and censored for promoting plain facts, you’re being threatened with strikes, suspensions and other intimidation tactics. You’re told that your content isn’t “advertiser friendly”. Your videos are deleted and your posts are shadow banned, never to be seen by another human being.

Introducing the FreedomWorkshop Link Network

To combat the out of control big tech censorship rampage, FreedomWorkshop has created an innovative link network that will help the proponents of alternative news (you know, “REAL” news) to find new audiences and followers. The secret sauce behind the network is to partner every contributing website with five other websites. By doing this, awareness of factual information will grow exponentially. The basic idea is that when one website promotes a breaking story or some other truthful or factual information, it’s exposed to an entire network of potentially thousands of link partners.

Every contributing member is assigned a referral URL to promote. As the URL is promoted, the viral nature of the link network kicks in. The full details are explained in the information below, but the basic idea is that when you promote your referral URL and new members join under you, you’ll also benefit from the promotion they do — and the promotion that the referrals of your referrals do, etc — for 5 generations. The more you promote your referral URL the faster your network will grow.

Benefits of the FreedomWorkshop Links Program Include

  • Gain the attention of people that would otherwise not have found your content
  • Promote your link on a platform which is impossible to ban or restrict
  • Promote your referral URL diligently and enjoy a steady stream of traffic from 5 generations of referrals

Cost and Process

  1. Submit your URL
  2. Enter your Email
  3. Your website will then be manually reviewed by FreedomWorkshop
  4. If your link is approved, you’ll be sent a link to begin your subscription which is 7 dollars
  5. Once approved, your URL will be in the system and you’ll be good to promote your referral URL

How FreedomWorkshop Link program Works | The Long Explanation

You create a subscription with FreedomWorkshop for seven bucks. This money is used by FreedomWorkshop to expand and promote all the REAL news that’s so hard to come by these days. Please note that FreedomWorkshop is a private websites and doesn’t receive any grants or funding; so regardless of whether you’d like to participate in our link program or not, we’d sincerely appreciate your patronage. Every dollar helps! Thanks for putting up with that little plug. Now back to the link program..

Once you are a member of FreedomWorkshop, you’ll get a referral URL to promote. This URL should be posted on the homepage of your website, or from your social media account or from what ever URL you are promoting. When someone clicks that referral URL, they’ll land on a page that credits you as the referrer. However, the five sites came before yours will also be listed. The visitor will be asked to visit those 5 websites.

Now, you might be wondering: And? So what? What’s so good about that? Well, keep reading..

When you make a referral, your URL will be displayed to every visitor that the referral invites. It will also be shown to every referral’s referral; so on and so forth, for 5 generations.

So let’s say you personally refer 5 people. Your website will be displayed to five people. If your 5 referrals also make 5 referrals, that’s another 25 times. By the 3rd generation, your website will be shown an additional 125 times, then 625 and by the 5th generation your website will have been seen by another 3,125 people! But what if you refer 50 people? Or over a year, you might personally refer thousands of people. Can you see how the follow-on effect might be beneficial for you to get more eyeballs on your efforts?

More Benefits

      You’ll also gain access to the FreedomWorkshop forums
      Each month FreedomWorkshop (and TriOrbit Network websites) publishes articles about the most interesting member websites. Yours could be chosen!
      The whole process is strictly monitored and manually reviewed, so you’ll have access to a fair dinkum community of likeminded people!

Terms | These are important (and strictly applied) so please read..

All links must pass a manual review. Please note that ONLY alternative/truth type links will be promoted. FreedomWorkshop will review each link manually, and if it is not a good fit it will be denied and FreedomWorkshop membership will not be granted. We’re looking for quality over quantity.

If you choose to leave FreedomWorkshop (ie: stop paying your subscription), your URL will be replaced in the database and you will no longer receive traffic from FreedomWorkshop link program.

If your website is reviewed and is found to contain popups or is found to be no longer relevant in the network, or if the website is no longer live or loads excessively slow, it will be removed. If such a decision is made, FreedomWorkshop may cancel the subscription.

Absolutely no hate, racism, illegal content or fake news.

You must promote only TLD’s or social media homepage profiles.

Affiliate links, squeeze pages and marketing funnels definitely not allowed.

FreedomWorkshop reserves the right to revoke your membership and your URL at any time for any reason (at its own discretion), but will provide a fair, well-grounded reason and cancel the subscription.

FreedomWorkshop will generally not contact members to ask them to modify website content. We’ll just remove the link and cancel the subscription with a note explaining why. It’s important to ensure that your website complies with the terms and conditions if you do not want this to happen. As with any program online, there’s always a small minority that will not do things the right way. We don’t have time to chase people around to ask them to follow the terms. We’ll simply moderate links that are no longer useful out of the system and cancel the subscription. Thank you for your understanding.