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Instant (VIP) Membership ($20)

Please consider joining for a one time fee of US $20, which will give you lifetime membership with FreedomWorkshop. Spam bots don’t use payment processors, so by paying (and helping FreedomWorkshop to survive), your application will not need to be reviewed and you’ll gain instant membership. There are no monthly payments or subscriptions.

As a thank you, you’ll also be registered as a VIP member and will have access to the VIP only member forums, “The Skytower”.

Apply for Membership (free)

*Up to 14 day wait
FreedomWorkshop is fighting hundreds of spam bots, which requires the use of complicated, resource draining and headache causing software. However, that software is being deleted (as it’s just a huge hassle; more trouble that it’s worth) and FreedomWorkshop is now reviewing applications for free membership manually.

Apply for Membership

You will have full membership (and unfettered access) by registering as a free member. However, you will not have access to the exclusive VIP member forums: “The Skytower”. The Skytower is a general discussion, off-topic forum, where VIP members and administrators hang out. VIP Membership is only $20.


Application Process

It can take up to 14 days for your application to be approved. FreedomWorkshop is a privately run social network that is built, run and maintained by one person (myself). I did have several spam prevention softwares installed on WordPress, but it turns out to be more hassle that it’s worth (in both time and with server resources). Plus, dozens of people were complaining that they couldn’t register. Yet spammers were still making it through, manually, creating groups and posting nonsense. Basically, I’m done with all that. If you would like free membership, you will need to fill out an application form and I will review it when I can.

I am not looking to build the next 3 billion member social network. I am looking to build a quality community of genuine, bright and upright people: conservatives patriots, nationalists (from any country), Christians and other people who have common sense — that are looking for a free speech platform to hang out with family and friends, where your information, conversations and activities are not monitored, databased and sold.

Please consider paying the $20 fee for lifetime membership. It isn’t a lot of money and it really does help. It’s not cheap to build and run a website like this (or the sister sites/projects). FreedomWorkshop is not a stock standard WordPress installation. I am paying for a lot of software, hosting and programming help. I also have a lot of other websites, advertising and systems in place to try to support the growth and feasability of FreedomWorkshop.

Thank you for your understanding (and support).


Leonard Wass.

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