It’s Time to Get a VPN (Viral)

We’re living in a time where Internet censorship has gone to a whole new level. There are so many things going on around the world now that people simply don’t know about. Very important events, atrocities, cover-ups and crimes. These crimes are being carried out by people in power and corporations.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. If you use a VPN, the whole Internet is opened up to you once again, just like it used to be. It is almost impossible for companies and governments to restrict you once you have a VPN. Additionally, it is all but impossible for anyone to intercept your online activities, or BLOCK you from seeing what you want to see.

ISP’s are blocking websites that are telling us the truth of what’s going on. The list of blocked websites is growing exponentially as ISP’s and tech companies grow bolder. Many people in Australia can’t access Bitchute, 4chan, 8chan and many other websites. They simple get an error, saying that the site won’t load. Bitchute and other sites like it, that have been blocked, are FANTASTIC resources FULL of truth and factual information. Many very well known people are also being blocked. It’s not just Alex Jones. Countless other conservatives are being silenced. Twitter has suspended countless people.

So what’s happening is that you are no longer hearing from people who the powers that be that have banned. Instead, the population is getting their information ONLY from the corporate sponsored mainstream media, which is lying blatantly to our face about practically everything. The lies are becoming more bold and ridiculous because the MSM are beginning to realise that more people simply no longer have the discernment to sort the lies from the facts.

If the restriction of true and factual information isn’t a good enough reason for you to get a VPN, how about the restriction of privacy? Internet Service Providers are storing all of your information. Everything you search for, everything you say online. None of it is secure. Did you know that someone on the same wifi network as you can install some simple software and intercept basally everything you’re doing online? The Internet is not a secure place at all.

Did you know that even flight and accommodation websites use your IP and other personal information to adjust prices, depending on where you are located, or what you’ve been searching for? You can put a STOP to all of the privacy invasions by simply subscribing to a VPN service. You can gain access to blocked websites and networks, get better prices on your shopping and travel deals, and prevent government and corporate overreach and mishandling of your private data.

The advent of the VPN is set to go SUPANOVA!

A VPN service is simple to use. You can install it on Windows, your phones, such as Android and iPhones. You can also install it on your router and even your streaming media services. The Internet has become a cockroach infested underbelly. The very best thing you can do in 2019 is invest in a VPN. They do not cost a lot of money at all, and the money you pay is WELL worth it.

Even as I am typing this, a leaked draft of a White House executive order dealing with internet censorship reveals the plan to change the way the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates the moderation of social media sites. Trump is trying to do something about the out of control big tech monopolies, as well as deep state, shadow government and corporate collusion to strip the entire human race of our freedoms.

I will broadcast regular updates about this subject, as well as other Internet privacy advice such as secure email and browser extensions, from FreedomWorkshop. I highly recommend that you subscribe to the FreedomWorkshop Group on the Minds Social Network. It’s free to join. Minds is a great alternative to Facebook, where information is not censored. And people don’t get banned (or shadow-banned) for simply stating their opinion. Plus, if you would like to hang out with me online, that’s the place where I am spending more of my time.

I also ask that you share this video and article to as many people as possible. Share it in email, on Facebook, other social networks, or via private messenger. If we’re to retain access to free speech and accurate information that isn’t warped and skewed, we’re basically all going to have to start using VPN’s. Again, they’re very affordable. There’s no better way to spend a few dollars online in 2019. Don’t be the last to find out what’s REALLY going on in the world. You don’t have to put up with ISP’s telling you what you can and can’t see. Share this information with your loved ones, so that we can all stay informed and not treated like cattle.

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