Infowars War Room Banned by YouTube in Less Than 24 Hours

Infwars War Room by Owen Shroyer was up for 17 hours and had 2500 subscribers, before it was banned for life by YouTube. This highlights the fact that people need to start also using alternative platforms such a Brighteon and Bitchute. Owen Shroyer’s channel and the Alex Jones Channel have also been banned.

This week, the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, said that YouTube needs to be open now, and that it’s more open than ever before; which means they would allow controversial content. However, that obviously doesn’t include Infowars which is the most controversial and banned news organization online. And besides it’s too little too late. YouTube has already slaughtered thousands of conservative channels in a blatant censorship apocalypse. Literally millions of users and subscribers have been affected by what can only be described as tyranny.

YouTube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki, has been exposed for lying when she made claims about their dedication to free speech online. Owen explains this latest example of 1984 style censorship.

The only reason Owen Shroyer created the War Room YouTube channel is because of the YouTube CEO’s statement and declaration. Ironically, Owen Shroyer and Savanah Hernandez were debating about how long the channel would last. Ironically, it didn’t even last a day. This is absolutely pathetic by YouTube. The sooner we start making use of alternative platforms, the better.

In light of all this nonsense, Owen Shroyer asks the question: “Who is the CEO of YouTube addressing when she says they’re going to allow more controversial content and that it’s more important than ever; including dissenting opinion and even offensive content?”.

What I thinkĀ  YouTube wants is to promote the idea that controversial topics are allowed, but only by the left. That way YouTube is justified in promoting videos by the likes of Antifa and other socialist/globalist-run and backed organizations. YouTube will be justified in promoting the vitriolic antics of the left, while saying: “Well, we need to allow this on YouTube because it’s important that we allow controversial topics and information”. They will spin everything to benefit the globalist agenda. That’s where I think YouTube is going with all this; and probably all the other big-tech platforms too.

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