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Mike Adams Real Video – Will it succeed?

Social media as a whole, particularly mainstream social media, is currently at a huge crossroad. As YouTube are booting off right leaning channels, demonetizing people, Twitter is shadow banning and kicking right leaning conservatives off also, and Facebook is throttling right leaning and conservative views, we need to find AND/OR CREATE alternatives.It's not that we need to start a war with these mainstream establishment backed platforms -- or stop using them altogether, but we must promote the understanding that we do NOT have to play by their rules. We can simply go and create out own platforms. ie: FreedomWorkshop!Quite frankly, if we're on their platforms, it's hardly surprising that they are going to insist we play by their rules; but that's the thing -- we do not NEED to stay on those platforms. We're using them out of laziness and because it's the easy option. We're handing our creativity, inspiration, passion and even livelihoods over to special interest and establishment backed platforms on a silver platter.AWARENESS NEEDS TO BE SPREAD, before we all become brain dead, subservient, zombie Borg.This discussion and the promotion of this awareness is critical to the future of free ideas, free thinking and freedom in general, both on the Internet and indeed for the future of humanity as a whole. There's a lot at stake, regarding who gets to control the thoughts and minds of humanity. Ideally, nobody should! Nobody should ever presume they have that power or that right.

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     Mr Len 

    I just found this video on YouTube by Tim Crosby. While I generally agree and understand with a lot of his points, I disagree with a few things. I think he is being a little naive. I can honestly state that I do not fully know what Mike Adams’ intend is with Real Video. I’ll reserve my opinion and wait and see what the platform looks like when it is launched. However, I have a few responses for Tim regarding the video he made.

    1). The left dominated platform is empowered by the establishment. They are funded, promoted and emboldened by an elite that is detached from the reality of every day people, yet feel that they can dictate how we should all think and feel. While I do believe in free speech and freedom to create platforms targeted to whoever we want, I also believe a part of that freedom allows us to form an alliance against, or a coalition what we perceive to be wrong. If it turns out that Mike Adams wants to throttle the opinions of the left, that will not stop me from using or promoting the platform. Nor do I believe the platform will be worse off for it. Like I already stated: The competition is empowered by the elite, so the gloves are off. They have to be or we’re all in a lot of trouble. We must be bold in our endeavor to retain control of our own lives. Freedom is not free!

    2). Regarding paying for exposure. I am not against that either. In a round-about way, YouTube is doing EXACTLY the same thing! Their algorithms are throttling the views of those that they don’t want promoted and promoting the views of those who are coughing up money. Besides, YouTube has been running at a loss this whole time (apparently — so they say); and the only reason they keep moving forward is because they have endless money behind them (like, literally endless money, printed out of thin air). How do you expect a single person: Mike Adams to compete with that unless he’s charging something? We’ve got to be realistic here! I for one will be HAPPY to pay! It will be MY PLEASURE to pony up some money to fund his efforts. As a matter of fact, we need MORE user funded platforms and we need more people to understand WHY user funding is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL if we’re going to get off these Internet ghettos! However, I do agree that video search results and listings should be based of merit (ie: likes) and views. Yet, I have no problem with allowing users to pay for top results. This is how the rest of the Internet works. Let’s see what happens.

    3). Regarding the service being peer to peer. This is the only way to go, if the platform is going to stand the test of time. Real Video will not be able to serve videos like YouTube does from a single point. That is utterly impossible. YouTube data centers and interaction with the cloud is an absolute behemoth. I don’t know how much it costs to run, but I know it must be billions. I am pretty sure Mike Adams hasn’t got that kind of money in his back pocket — so peer to peer it is. Peer to peer technology is the way forward for a free Internet.

    4). Regarding downloading videos. Technically, when you watch a YouTube video, you are downloading it. The file is literally downloaded into your computer. It might mot seem that way, but the only way you can get any content to show on your computer is if it is literally being downloaded in one way, shape or form. It might not be via a download button, but I assure you the ensure video is being downloaded to your computer, and you’re not saving any bandwidth by watching o YouTube as compared to peer to peer.

    Lastly, if we want to create an Internet where we’re not dictated to, we’re going to have to learn to do things a b it differently. We’re going to have to learn to be HAPPY about doing things a little bit differently.

     Mr Len 

    I just found this video also. I can’t wait for this website to be launched!

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