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Social media as a whole, particularly mainstream social media, is currently at a huge crossroad. As YouTube are booting off right leaning channels, demonetizing people, Twitter is shadow banning and kicking right leaning conservatives off also, and Facebook is throttling right leaning and conservative views, we need to find AND/OR CREATE alternatives.It's not that we need to start a war with these mainstream establishment backed platforms -- or stop using them altogether, but we must promote the understanding that we do NOT have to play by their rules. We can simply go and create out own platforms. ie: FreedomWorkshop!Quite frankly, if we're on their platforms, it's hardly surprising that they are going to insist we play by their rules; but that's the thing -- we do not NEED to stay on those platforms. We're using them out of laziness and because it's the easy option. We're handing our creativity, inspiration, passion and even livelihoods over to special interest and establishment backed platforms on a silver platter.AWARENESS NEEDS TO BE SPREAD, before we all become brain dead, subservient, zombie Borg.This discussion and the promotion of this awareness is critical to the future of free ideas, free thinking and freedom in general, both on the Internet and indeed for the future of humanity as a whole. There's a lot at stake, regarding who gets to control the thoughts and minds of humanity. Ideally, nobody should! Nobody should ever presume they have that power or that right.

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