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Mass Exodus of Refugees from New York and California

PromoterHost is a "real news advocate". The mainstream media is not doing its job and hasn't been for a long time. We're tired of propaganda -- the "spin", "repeating" and "regurgitation" of false narratives, presented as news.

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     Mr Len 

    If you Listen to what Lisa Haven is describing in this video, basically what is happening is: Democratic control over New York and California have ruined the states so severely, that their constituents are leaving en masse, as refugees! They are victims of the socialist, communist Democratic party of the United States.

    And just like international refugees, the Democratic political victims/refugees will have a very hard time adjusting to life in a place where there are higher standards. You know, the standards that made the place they’re fleeing to better in the first place.

    In essence the Democratic political refugees are moving to where they can sponge off people who aren’t infected with the liberal pathogen.

    Lisa encourages states that take the Democratic refugees in to educate them. Well, good luck with that. These refugees voted the Democratic overlords into power, mostly because they were promised they’d get something for nothing. They are a sector of society that likes to live off others; just like the overlords they elected — that ruined their lives because they are victims of the same insanity causing pathogen.

    It’s the liberal ideology; as Mark Dice expresses, on a daily basis. Liberalism is a disease and we need to find a cure.

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