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I Couldn't be Happier

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     Mr Len 

    At the time I am writing this post, FreedomWorkshop is only a day or two away from being launched. I keep postponing the launch date, because I am building this website entirely by myself, and it just takes a lot of time to code and customise everything. Plus, I want to add videos, posts and content to all the categories before I officially allow anyone to register — so there’s some discussion and food for thought on the website for people to mull over.

    However, I am extremely excited that this very forum will now become the official forum (and group) for PromoterHost. I am also glad it’s not on facebook. There are so many benefits to creating a private social network, they are endless. Freedom of speech is the biggest benefit. I can post anything I like and it won’t be deleted or shadow banned. Nice!

    I will keep my facebook pages running, but the only thing I will post in them from now on are links to threads, videos and topics on FreedomWorkshop in an effort to pull all my family, friends and acquaintances over here. I’ve spent a decade sending people to facebook. I’m done. They don’t deserve it. Don’t even get me started on all the collusion and privacy issues.

    Sorry Facebook, but you got too big for your boots. You’re no fun anymore.

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