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Simon Parkes: The Mantid Agenda

Since its inception, Project Camelot has become a leader in the area of whistleblower testimony by providing filmed interviews, shot guerrilla style, on location, with key witnesses and researchers from all around the world. We have traveled to remote corners of the globe and revealed secrets in areas previously only known to a select few from secret societies and those with high level security clearances in the secret governments.

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     Mr Len 

    I was present for this interview. While I have serious reservations about some of the conclusions (as we are all entitled to, as well all see things from a different perspective), I admire Kerry for her tenacity and willingness to delve into subjects that most of us write off as craziness.

    I believe that the REAL (and true) world is a lot more crazy than what the craziest of the crazy people can dream up (or a science fiction movie, for that matter). There’s a lot more going on around us than meets the eye, and there are various organisations and even entities in the mix that the average person knows little to nothing about.

    I respect Kerry for willingness to hear people out, and allow people a chance (and to give them a platform) to tell people how they see things.

    Kerry has worked very hard for a long time. I am proud of you @kerry-cassidy for always working so hard. Even when you had the computer problems, you are able to think on your feet and find a solution.

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