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Don't Underestimate Self Improvement

A successful person always sees room for personal development and improvement. Happy people thrive on bettering themselves.

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     Mr Len 

    I think for a lot of people: “Lifestyle & Self Improvement” might be a forum section that people could come across, say: “Yeah, meh.. whataver” and pass over it. However, Self Improvement is an extremely important thing for happiness, contentment and peace of mind!

    I think we should always find new and better ways to do things. We should always strive to improve continually and never stagnate into the “same old same old” ways of life where nothing ever changes or is improved apon.

    For example. I have the attitude where if something is irritating me — it could be a simple thing, like always losing regular things that I use every day — I stop, have a good think, and say to myself: “Ok, what is the best ‘process’ I can adopt to ensure that finding this item never takes more than a mere moment of energy from even my subconscious.

    I’ll rearrange a whole wall, install shelves, put hooks up, buy more tubs — WHATEVER! I want to know that for the rest of my life, THAT item is always kept “there”, in that spot I took the time to make for it.

    A system, process or task only needs to irritate me once or twice. By the third time I will take action to make sure it doesn’t continue to annoy me. I don’t care how much time, money or effort it takes — I will make sure those little annoyances are eradicated from my life.

    That’s the best advice I can personally give to people about self improvement: ALWAYS have a place for all your stuff. Oh and don’t hoard too much stuff. If you don’t use it, pack it away or lose it. But don’t leave stuff lying around all over the place getting in the way of stuff you DO need/use.

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