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AI is not Dangerous in the way People THINK

There are so many technologies in their infancy, that if we look at them, we can build a fairly accurate picture of what the not too distant future will look like. This group is dedicated to future technologies, as well as discussion of calculated prediction of what the future may have in store for us.

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     Mr Len 

    I don’t think people realise exactly how dangerous AI actually is. It’s not necessarily because of Skynet and Terminators (although that is certainly a problem) — but the bigger and immediate problem is that AI has flawless access to absolutely everything it could want to know about you. Not only that, but to AI, there’s no difference between now or 15 years ago. AI can recall information from both periods just as easy.

    Further, AI can cross-match and cross examine everything you’ve said, everything anyone has ever said about you, everywhere you’ve been, everywhere you’re planning to go, everything you’ve purchased, watched, sent via email, complained about or are afraid of. The BIGGEST problem with AI is that it is basically a SUPER GENIUS psychologist.

    Now that AI is able to forecast and project events (related to you), your activities and EVEN your thoughts, there is no entity, apart from God HIMSELF that has more ability to imprison and control you. And if it makes that decision, there’s NO way you will be able to stop it from utterly ruling every facet of your existence. To use the analogy of a cat playing with a mouse would be an understatement.

    It’s not that AI might “develop awareness” and decide to kill humans. I personally don’t believe that AI (glorified machinery) ever can become sentient. I don’t care how advanced it is. The problem that we face is that AI can be developed into a control system that can utterly enslave humanity. It could EVEN enslave the people that built it. If that ever happens, we will NEVER — EVER be free of eternal tyranny on this earth, Earth will become hell.

    This is why we must get away from big tech social media. This is why we have to stop feeding this beast. This is why we need to support websites like FreedomWorkshop — a privately owned and run social network that doesn’t have an agenda. We need to move away from ALL big tech like Google, Apple, and Facebook.

     Mork Zorgyberg 

    Wow, I like the way you think Mr Len. As co-founder of FreedomWorkshop, I think these are GREAT ideas. I’ll get these algorithms made ASAP! I’ll let Apple and China know about our plans right away too.

     Mr Len 

    How many times do I have to tell you Zorgyberg? We’re making a free speech platform. There will be no algorithms deciding what people can and can’t see (or say)!

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