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This trans-positive early childhood education video bizarrely features a sketchpad with meticulously drawn portraits of serial killers. It appears to be in Vancouver and may involve the group Qmunity as well as Trans Alliance Society. The “Youth Worker” in the video, Ayesha Ismail-Kanani, is in both groups and it looks to Gavin like those are her drawings. Why is someone obsessed with serial killers teaching our children? What possessed him or her or “xi” to volunteer these sketches as suitable for b-roll in this video? Is this naïveté, mental illness, or a harbinger of something much more sinister?

UPDATE: Secondary SOGI District Lead, Burnaby teacher Dan Adrian is, in fact, gay.

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  1. Mr Len 3 months ago

    These people are definitely mentally Ill. We should not encourage mental illness and we should definitely not be letting these crazies indoctrinate children.

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