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Manifesto Feedback and Suggestions Welcome (Info Here)

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The primary purpose behind FreedomWorkshop, aside from being a social network, is to both teach and encourage other people how to create their own websites, blogs and social networks OR, to join privately owned social networks, websites and blogs (ie: that are run by family and friends, not globalist backed corporations). The main philosophy behind this effort can be found in the FreedomWorkshop manifesto. This forum exists to discuss that manifesto.

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    Mr Len

    Comments and suggestions regarding the FreedomWorkshop Manifesto can be made by creating your own topic or responding to someone else’s topic in this forum.

    If you’re interested in how to build, promote and even profit from building your own blog, website or social network, you can ask questions in the FreedomWorkshop Webmaster Community, or Get your Online Entrepreneur Certification

    Or, to talk about social media in general, visit the FreedomWorkshop Social Media Talk group.

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