For Email Privacy we Recommend Fastmail

Fastmail is the bests service for email privacy when you factor in all the benefits and features. Fastmail is the perfect email provider for the privacy conscious.

Experience Email Privacy with a Free Trial

Fastmail gives you a 30 day free trial which gives you plenty of time to check out the interface and features to figure out if you like their service.  You can upgrade at any time during the trial and the remainder of the free trial is added to your subscription. For example: If you upgrade with 16 days left on your trial, you will not be billed again for 30 days. Plus the 16 days left on your trial of which 46 days. So at the end of the day you really get your first two months for half price.

Fastmail | Email Privacy Benefits

What Fastmail Plan Should You Subscribe to?

The best price plan to go for is the $5.00 per month “Standard Plan” option which gives you all features except for some administrator controls, which you don’t really need unless you’re running a company with staff under you. However, if you run a website or blog, the Standard Plan allows you to use a domain with your email.

Benefits of Using Fastmail

  • Email privacy.
  • No ads or tracking.
  • Your personal emails are not scanned or scraped for data.
  • Fastmail have a great support system and they get back to you pretty quickly if you have any questions, concerns or issues.

Email Privacy Options

The Case for Moving Away from Free Providers Such as Gmail

It’s all well and good to use services such as Gmail, but at the end of the day they’re not free. Because they are ad supported, you’re not actually a customer, you’re a product. The major free email providers do not offer real email privacy, because they scan your emails for marketing purposes.