Decentralized Identity on the BlockChain

Civic WalletDecentralized Identity is now on the blockchain. Blockchains are an amazing and very useful advancement for privacy and decentralized identity. One of the great ways that blockchains can be used is to prove that you are who you say you are without having to physically upload or even reveal your personal information. Decentralized ID ends the need to constantly upload your passport, drivers licence, birth certificate, documents containing your address or other sensitive information.

Another fantastic benefit to decentralized identity using blockchain technology is more secure cryptocurrency trading. FreedomWorkshop recommends Civic Wallet as a great solution for trading cryptocurrency without having to constantly provide your ID to companies.

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Decentralized ID Prevents Identity Theft Using BlockChain Technology

Every time you upload personal documents to the Internet, you run the risk of entering an identification theft nightmare. Now there is a way that you can upload that information for the very last time.  Just download an app to prove who you are to any company in the world, without ever having to upload that information again.

Decentralized ID Creates Security on the BlockChain

Civic does not store or retain your documents. Once you have proven that you are who you say you are, you can simply use the Civic app to prove that to anyone in the world. You can also use the app to prove your age, your financial status and other facts about yourself without actually having to give companies the actual information. ie: It is good enough for a company to know that you are over 18. They do not need to know how old you are. It is also good enough for companies to know that you have a drivers licence. They don’t necessarily have to see that licence.