The TRUTH About Mark Dice, Millie Weaver and the Hodge Twins

I am writing this blog post hoping (or imploring, rather) that everyone who comes across it and values truth and also understand the dire times we’re in, regarding big tech social media, will share it widely across the Internet. If you want your favorite conservative content creators to post on alternative platforms before their work is deleted from the mainstream platforms, I humbly and politely insist (ahem, I mean, implore you): Please share this article — ESPECIALLY to the conservative content creators that are not posting their content to alternative platforms.

Dear Top Conservative Content Creators

For years I have been trying to share videos made my by favorite conservative grass roots, boots on the ground, citizen journalists, activists and truth-reporters. Your videos. I have left many comments on your YouTube videos and contacted you by email. I can honestly say that not once — not once, have I received a response, or any indication that my message was even read. I have not received one email back. I understand, I am just one voice in a sea of noise and who knows how many comments and emails you get? But that’s why I am writing this blog post.

I’ve been sharing your videos, but because YouTube keeps deleting them — or because you’ve been booted off YouTube, FreedomWorkshop has become a graveyard of videos that won’t play. I’ve pretty much had to delete the 10,000+ pages from this website and just start over. But that’s OK! There’s a fantastic opportunity for us to grow even faster — but I just need you to hear me out. Can you please hear me out? This is really important. Please read the rest of this post.


Leonard Wass,
FreedomWorkshop Founder

The Case for WHY You REALLY MUST (It’s kind of not an option) Post to Alternative Platforms

FreedomWorkshop is helping to grow the number of people online that want to share ONLY alternative platforms. Especially LBRY videos, where conservative content isn’t deleted. If you’re not uploading to those platforms, then we can’t promote you to the growing alternative platform audiences — and at the end of the day, that also hinders the growth of the alternative platforms themselves — and TRUTH, itself.

I’m not saying don’t post to YouTube or Twitter. I’m just saying that you need to take the time to ALSO post the very same material to LBRY and Gab. Use Parler and Minds. ie: LBRY has a feature that allows you to import your YouTube videos.

I built FreedomWorkshop in an effort to both promote alternative platforms, but also to act as a “workshop” to teach people how to make the most of these platforms — including how to get people migrated over to them. Additionally, I am determined to teach people (through FreedomWorkshop) how to create and promote blogs that pull people form the mainstream platforms to the alternative platforms. But in order for that to happen, I need you guys at the top to be posting your material to those platforms. Especially LBRY — because then we can all embed your videos on our blogs — which before long, there will be MILLIONS of them. That’s the mission of FreedomWorkshop!

FreedomWorkshop will be relaunched again by the end of November, 2020. However, this time I will not post one YouTube video and there will not be one link to Twitter or Facebook. FreedomWorkshop will lead by example and teach tens of thousands — or even hundreds of thousands of people the art of blogging, WITHOUT promoting mainstream platforms. I have also vowed to not post to mainstream platforms from ANY of my other websites also. But that’s for another post.

When it comes to blogging, I’m old school. I’m from the days of web rings and flaming multi colored gifs — embedded midi music, scrolling text and scenes of the night sky for background images. I’ve been building websites since before blog was even a word. I remember the old days of the Internet (oh, they were the good old days; I still miss them), before all these mainstream social platforms corralled everyone into a digital plantation. I remember the days when people would actually visit your website and even post something on there! wow, what a concept! I wholeheartedly believe we can have that kind of Internet back again. A place where WE THE PEOPLE post what we want to post and we completely cut big tech out of the picture. It will be a real hoot too. Heaps of fun. But the alternative platforms need your support! People need to learn how to build, promote and network their own sites again. I’m trying to teach people that with FreedomWorkshop.

Or, if I haven’t convinced you yet, please let me put in another way: Stop promoting these tech giants, and get your asses over to the alternative platforms,  NOW! And link to them from your websites and from within your videos!  Because if you don’t do it now — and if you don’t do it en masse — not only can we not promote you and the alternative platforms, but the mainstream, big tech platforms will simply swallow the Internet and the alternative platforms will die, before we have a chance to revive the REAL Internet. An Internet for and by the people.

So get off your asses and create a LBRY account! RIGHT NOW!

..yes, I am talking to you Mark Dice, Millie Weaver and the Hodge Twins — who are some of my favorite conservative content creators. I literally have to cry myself to sleep every night knowing that I can’t promote your videos from LBRY. But Candace Owens and Lisa Haven, you’re not off the hook either! Hey Salty Cracker, you’re a super FUNNY and super intelligent guy. Come on man.. let’s get your videos on LBRY. How many messages have I sent you now? Jason Bermas? ..  President Trump?

..and of course, I use strong language with all the love I have in my heart. Please. Please guys. Let’s get everyone adding their videos to LBRY by the end of 2020 — and also posting (as a minimum) to the Gab and Parler alternative platforms.

Why Use LBRY?

I have posted literally tens of thousands of videos on FreedomWorkshop in the past. I’ve been hard at it, trying to spread and share truth, wherever I find it. And just about everything I shared has gone down the memory hole. So if there’s anyone that knows how many content creators and videos have actually been wiped form YouTube, it’s me. How do I know? Because of the type of videos I have shared here, FreedomWorkshop became a graveyard of deleted YouTube videos. A great amount of the videos I took the time to write an article about and promote didn’t play, because the content creator was booted off YouTube or the video itself was deleted. I’m not saying don’t post to YouTube, but you really must also post the content to LBRY. Not only so that we can stare it, but so that it doesn’t disappear off the Internet.

Why Use GAB?

Gab is AWESOME. It’s a micro blogging platform that allows you to have your say and post your content. There’s a huge, lively audience just waiting to lap up your content.

Why Use Parler?

Parler is another lively, growing and fantastic platform with a growing audience waiting to subscribe to you and your content. Unlike Facebook, you’re not censored and deleted.

Call to Action

I have started a directory of content creators who have either joined or built alternative platforms. I am asking you, today, to join those platforms and contact me so that you can be added to that list. Throughout 2021, I will be working my butt off to ensure that the FreedomWorkshop army grows at least into the hundreds of thousands. And we’ll all be on those platforms.

Contact me:

I want to add you to this directory..