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What is FreedomWorkshop?

FreedomWorkshop is an *algorithm free social network where what you post is not censored, hidden or deleted; and your personal information is not sold.


If your standards are higher, groups of people who do not respect (or have the grit to observe) those standards will quickly form against you in opposition. Their aim will be to undermine and even contradict your influence, believing that their coalition will give them authority, and the final say. However, there is only one authority I fear, and that is God. Everyone else can do and say what they like. – Leonard Wass, 2018

“What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” – Romans 8:31

What is the Goal and Mission of FreedomWorkshop?

FreedomWorkshop hopes to act as a conduit and an example for getting people out of the Internet ghettos (big tech platforms).

Disclaimer: I am not trying to bash Facebook, YouTube and Twitter — as they have done an amazing job in a lot of ways. I am also not saying they shouldn’t exists. However, due to the laziness of people (ie: not creating, maintaining and promoting their one websites/blogs, etc — like WE USED TO, back in the day .. the early days of the Internet), pretty much everyone has just piled into these massive platforms (due to a concerted push by MSM and special interest funding), where people have been slowly programmed to simply¬†sit there clicking mindlessly — literally making them digital ghettos. The Internet has so much more to offer and so much more potential, and offers “THE INDIVIDUAL” so much more than simply logging into these hugely popular platforms where they are spoon fed “dopamine”. Video. So really, it’s not Facebebook’s FAULT for being successful (or Twitter, or YouTube). I honestly mean that. It’s our fault for handing everything to them on a silver platter (ie: for being LAZY). They built the car, but we fueled the tank — and we’re still fueling the tank. We need to start fueling other platforms; our own platforms. This was our Internet once — and it used to be so much FUN — but we were channeled¬†into a gates of the INTERNET GHETTO like sheep.

FreedomWorkshop aims to demonstrate that we can, indeed, run and control our own websites, blogs and even social networks. This will be achieved in two ways:

1). By building a popular, private, social network that is not backed or funded by government, corporations or special interests.

2). By offering courses, programs, incentives, tutorials and information on how to set websites and social networks up — AND how to effectively market these platforms. FreedomWorkshop does not aim to be the next big social network to rival Facebook. It aims to demonstrate to people that we can all build the world the way WE want it, with our own personal touch; our own vision; or own slant; our own creativity. We can make the Internet into something beautiful. Quite frankly, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are not beautiful. They’re ugly, dreary, indoctrination centers. They are Internet ghettos. They are like a drug that numbs the senses and makes us feel good momentarily — yet slowly, but surely kills us.

Note to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube: No hard feelings. This is my opinion — and deep down, you know I am right. You have to know, or you wouldn’t have been able to create the success you’ve created. – Leonard Wass

Why is FreedomWorkshop Better?

FreedomWorkshop is better, because there is no agenda. It is not controlled by special interests. The sole reason for the existence of FreedomWorkshop is to demonstrate that we can build truly private platforms that simply let us be ourselves. A place where we are not analyzed, indoctrinated, programmed or manipulated.

Fore more information about FreedomWorkshop, the Terms of Service is the best page to read, as it doubles as a mission statement.

What Does “Algorithm Free” Mean?

*By “algorithm free”, it means that your posts, opinions ideas are not throttled, removed, deleted, promoted, tampered with or restricted in any way. If you post something publicly, it is viewable by everyone — always — where you posted it, in the category you posted it in and exactly how you last left it. The feed doesn’t show you what WE think you want to see. It shoes everything, posted by everyone. It is not for FreedomWorkshop to decide what you want to see. So that’s what we mean by “algorithm free”.

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