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A better social network that doesn't have an agenda.

Welcome to Your Social Network.

With FreedomWorkshop, when you make a public post, everyone sees the post, 100% of the time. It doesn’t get removed, obstructed, buried or shadow banned. FreedomWorkshop doesn’t use algorithms to dictate what you can and can’t see or SAY. You can speak freely and not have to worry about being at odds with an agenda, because FreedomWorkshop has no agenda except to provide a place where people can interact freely, without being pushed around by political correctness, bullying tactics or outright censorship .

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Join us today and experience the freedom to be who you are and say what you feel

FreedomWorkshop is Absolutely Free to Join

As a member of FreedomWorkshop you will have access to create groups and forums. Navigating the website is easy. Upload profile and cover images in a few clicks. FreedomWorkshop is your social network. You’ll feel at home in no time at all.

Create a group and add a forum especially for your group.

Creating groups on FreedomWorkshop is simple. Once your group is created, you will be able to add a forum, dedicated to that group. The whole process is hassle free, intuitive and take only seconds. You can also add cover photos and invite friends.

View Groups

FreedomWorkshop is packed with features. You’ll feel right at home with the intuitive layout and member options.

Some of KLEO Feature Highlights

Chat Features

You can chat with friends or enjoy friendly discussion in the public chat room.

No Shadow Banning

You can post your thoughts knowing that an AI algorithm is not going to block that thought from being read by other people.

No Thought Police

Promote your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and passions freely. Your opinion will not be deleted simply because we disagree with you.

Smooth Interface

Finding your way around on FreedomWorkshop is smooth, painless and hassle free.

Mobile Ready

You can navigate FreedomWorkshop from a PC, Mobile or tablet. So keeping up with family and friends will never be an issue.

Algorithm Free

When you make a post on FreedomWorkshop, it doesn’t disappear. It will be displayed where you posted it, so people can see it, 100% of the time.

Private Groups

If you want to make your group private, no problem. Groups, forums and even profiles can be made public or private.

Free Speech Zone

FreedomWorkshop has no agenda to push onto anybody and is not controlled by corporate or political interests. All we care about is that people can voice their point of view freely. That’s our agenda.

Do you Have Questions?

What is FreedomWorkshop all About?

If you would like more information on what FreedomWorkshop is all about, visit the Terms of Service page which doubles as a mission statement.

More Information

You can find more information about FreedomWorkshop on the About page.

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