FreedomWorkshop is a hub for Freedom and Liberty.  We value and promote:

  1. Free, Open and Private Internet
  2. Free, Open and Private LIFE.
  3. Freedom of Information
  4. Freedom of Thought & Speech
  5. Freedom of Finance
  6. Freedom of Conscience
  7. Freedom of Health
  8. Freedom of Privacy & Security
  9. Freedom of Liberty
  10. Freedom of Worship/Religion
  11. Freedom of Personal Sovereignty
  12. Freedom of National Sovereignty

The big tech giants are slowly but surely eroding our free speech and freedom of expression. In doing so, they are actively controlling the way people think and feel.

Big pharma and sectors of our governments are colluding and conspiring to manipulate our options relating to health.

Corporations around the world view us as products and assets, rather than human beings. Big tech giants are eroding our privacy on a scale never seen before; and do not respect the authority of national governments or the free citizens of the world.

FreedomWorkshop promotes alternative platforms, as well as services that wrestle power away from the big tech monopolies, big pharma, overreaching governments and money hungry corporations.

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