My name is Leonard. You’ll learn more about me later. First, I want to explain what FreedomWorkshop is all about. I am tired of Google, YouTube and Twitter censoring free speech, freedom of information and “net neutrality”. Basically, these entities are owned and funded by the globalists that also fund the left and socialist ideology — and they hate freedom; they hate to see free people.

We really are in an information war. I have been a web developer for 20 years. I have the expertise and capability to help create a solution to significantly aid in combating this problem. I have created FreedomWorkshop to spearhead a solution to protect and maintain freedom of information.

THERE IS AN URGENCY to combat corporate monopolies over information because AI algorithms are getting to the point where we’re being censored without even knowing that we’re being censored; which is VERY DANGEROUS TERRITORY! So please do not underestimate the urgency of this campaign. It is both high time and utterly necessary that we build a solution that the globalists can’t hijack.

The problem is that these corporate giants have created such a monopoly, it would be almost impossible to create services that directly compete with them. HOWEVER, it is certainly possible to create solutions that hold them accountable for censoring ideas, information and truth. If we do not hold these unelected elite accountable, they will purge truth and truth seekers from the Internet, which will give them a dictatorship over information — which will lead to them having ultimate power over our perception of reality. We will become totally enslaved, with no recourse.

I am a guy who thinks outside the box. I have heaps of ideas that will throw a spanner in the works for these information hoarding giants. The Internet is almost totally run, controlled and dominated by these globalist backed corporate monopolies, so we need to band together NOW and create a solution; due to AI algorithms, this situation needs IMMEDIATE ATTENTION, if it’s not already too late.


We need to build an infrastructure that directly plugs into these services, using API’S, feeds, peer to peer communication and linking strategies. We need simple to use intuitive portals that will circumvent their ability to use AI to shadow ban, censor and dictate the true flow of information and ideas. We need to combat their use of algorithms that they use to stifle free speech and promote globalist injected leftist ideologies, that they use for social engineering. We also need to build a browser toolbar that everyone can install on IE, Chrome, Firefox etc, as well as non browser based communication systems that will enable us to communicate peer to peer, so that we do not have to rely on their heavily monitored and surveilled communication systems. I can’t emphasise how critical and urgent it is for a non-corporate platform, system and network to be set up.

We can defeat these corporate giants by creating a portal and network that everyone goes to FIRST. This portal and network will not necessarily gather and serve information. It will direct people to information. The globalists have all the money, so we will let them keep funding the servers and bandwidth, but we have the power to not let them maintain the control of what we want to link to, tweet, quote, watch, pass on or otherwise promote according to our convictions — and rights!

What I am proposing is TOTALLY possible. It doesn’t matter how many trillions of dollars the global elite pump into the hijacking of the Internet. If the information on their networks and websites are being shared and moderated by our portals and networks (gateways that people go to FIRST), they will lose their ability to control and monopolise information; which is GOOD, because they do not have the right to monopolise our information, thoughts and ideas to begin with. They’re just doing it because they can, and we’re letting them. So we need to exercise our authority, because there’s more of us than them.

I am capable of and excited about getting this network running, but I need help. It’s going to take quite a few programmers, web developers — a marketing department, a legal department and other staff to build this platform. I’m going to need the help of a lot of smart people.

The network will be initiated in two phases:

Phase 1: Create a budget that will enable me to build a platform that seeks funding to launch a proper campaign. The more money I have the better campaign I’ll be able to build. Again, I’ve worked in IT for 20 years. I do everything from programming to marketing, so I know how to best utilise the funding for maximum reach and effectiveness. I am also very good at getting a message across. I have a vivid and creative imagination, so you can expect some very entertaining guerrilla-style advertising campaigns. The funding won’t be squandered. During the initial stages a website will be built, a community will be formed, and TRANSPARENT plans will be outlined. I’ll get the ball rolling as fast as possible.

Phase 2: Once funds allow — I’ll create larger advertising campaigns, backed by the funding from phase 1, that seeks far greater funding. A big part of the budget will be put back into advertising to increase funding even further. Marketing will be NUMBER ONE priority. My aim will be to get this effort known world-wide, very quickly! The bigger the effort grows the bigger it will grow. I will make sure of it. We need to make sure we have our finger in every pot, online and offline; not just via the browser but also via peer to peer communication.

The network is not intended to become yet another news outlet or mouthpiece for any particular ideology. The network will be for everyone, left and right. I tend to bag the left out a lot — I admit that, however, I respect their right to have an opinion, even if I don’t agree with it. The network will exist to unite the quarrelling tribes so to speak; to make sure if someone creates a video, podcast or a website/blog, there’s a place where it can be posted or linked to, where it can’t be censored or banned. Even lefties will be free to babble their globalist injected PC drivel and regurgitate what they’ve been brainwashed to believe by the globalist controlled mainstream media and the social engineering they watch 24/7, that gives them their world view.

I will also endeavour to create a division where user profiles can be monetised! WHY?? Because Google and YouTube are trying to take the monetary incentive away from people making videos by demonetising them if the videos don’t serve the globalist narrative. There needs to be a place where people can link to content, disseminate information AND promote their books, products and services. Financial backing is a BIG part of the battle. Where money goes, information flows!

Also, what ever happens, this effort will be a VERY strong proponent and supporter of efforts like Gab. I am not affiliated with Gab in any way, but I will definitely be seeking to ally with Gab during this effort. Oh, how I can’t stand Twitter!

The initial advertising of phase 1 is coming out of my own pocket; I am using my own time and resources, so I’d like to get some funding happening ASAP before I become broke!

See the About page for more information about me and my plans for FreedomWorkshop