My name is Leonard Wass. I am an Australian and live in Australia. I was born on January 4th, 1976. I am 41 at the time I am writing this. I’ll be 42 in January, 2018.

I run a web hosting and domain name website: TriOrbit, which has been in operation since 2002. I don’t like how Obama handed the Internet over to the globalists.

I am the founder of a digital product called TIPS Marketing Course. It is something I am running right now that helps me pay the bills. Internet marketing and web development is a passion of mine; however, I have much bigger aspirations. ie: I want to protect and maintain the freedom of information online.

I am also the founder of PromoterHost which is an online right-leaning blog that I haven’t had time to update since forever, but I will definitely get back to it as soon as I have the time and resources! I actually have big plans for that website.

Social Media Links: Facebook, Gab, PromoterHost

You’ll find lots of rants about the the left, liberals political correctness and socialism in basically everything I am involved with online. I am also a strong supporter of nationalism for all countries, patriotism and personal freedom. I can’t stand the global elite. I can’t stand CNN and TYT. I think Hillary and Obama belong in jail.

I am Australian, but I am a HUGE fan of Trump, Alex Jones, Mark Dice, Judge Jeanine and other patriotic individuals that love and fight for freedom. Why do I love these American’s so much? Because Australia is already completely run and controlled by the globalists. We lost our country without a fight. However, the United States really is the last bastion of freedom for the entire free world, so I am actually more interested and invested in US politics than Australian politics; because mark my words, if the globalists finally destroy freedom in the US (and believe me, they are trying), the rest of the world is going to fall like dominoes.

The globalists ALMOST got Hillary in, but they couldn’t even win a rigged election. This is a testament to how many people there are in the United States that are awake, thanks to people like Alex Jones, who is basically a hero as far as I am concerned. I am very proud of my GOOD American brothers and sisters who are basically single handedly holding back the forces of darkness in this world. A lot is at stake. I understand this. I want to help. I can help. I know I can help. I can use my expertise in web development, marketing and IT to give us all more victories in the information war, online.

My GoFundMe Campaign

Please give what you can, and if you can’t give, please at least share the campaign on social networks. We need to band together guys — or we’re toast! Like I said: It might already be too late. I really mean that. I can’t express the urgency of getting projects like FreedomWorkshop launched — NOW! Do what you can to help, even if it’s just a share. Everyone who contributes to this campaign will get VIP status in the FreedomWorkshop community.