Hi! My name is Leonard. I am an Australian “alien abductee“, future big screen star web developer that lives in a van. I swim in the ocean every day. This website has been established to document, primarily, my lifestyle of living in a van. However, you will also find information, links and ideas concerning my interests, which are: ET’sand UFO’s, paranormal, visions and prophecies, dreams, truth and conspiracies – as well as my thoughts and opinions on the general direction and state of the world. I am also interested in web development and online marketing, so you’ll find some stuff about that too. I also work out twice a day, 6 days a week.. Basically, this website is a blog of everything that I am interested in, so that I can share it with family, friends and whoever else might be interested in my two cents.

This video is on the front age of my YouTube channel. It explains how my YouTube channel came about, and what you can expect to see me babbling about if you subscribe:

Body Surfing

Big Screen Star

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